Married to a Murderer

Crime & Investigation Network

Season 1 - 6 x 60 mins

This gripping series is based on astonishing first-hand testimony from the wives of murderers.  Each episode tells the story of a marriage and a murder, or series of murders. When it comes to murder, we hear lots of about the criminal investigations, but rarely do we get the story of the killer’s home-life. These are often stories about the transformation of a devoted lover or caring husband into a monster - menacing, calculating, erratic, frightening, violent and deadly. These are the stories of frightened women - women who have seen their family lives turn into real-life horror stories. They are stories about creeping suspicions and betrayal.  They are about the nightmare of discovering that you’re married to a murderer.

These astonishing stories are told by the women in their own words; and the twists and turns of their home lives are recounted against the background of the twists and turns of the police investigations, as told by a supporting cast of senior detectives.

'This is an eye opening documentary series' - The Sun

'Makes for harrowing viewing but sheds light on an aspect of murder rarely explored' - Daily Express

'A chilling insight into life with a serial killer' - Woman Magazine

'An astonishing series' - Total TV Guide

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