Closing The Gap: Hockey in North Korea

Feature Doc
Closing The Gap - Trailer
2019 / 1 ep x 90 mins
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Genre: Feature Doc
Languages: Korean, English (Subtitled)
Closing The Gap - Trailer

Closing The Gap follows a group of North Korean hockey players whose sole purpose is to bring home gold to honour their Leader, the "Dear Marshal" Kim Jong Un. Using sport as a conduit, the film chronicles the journey of these North Korean underdogs as they travel from Pyongyang to Auckland, New Zealand to compete in the 2017 IIHF tournament.

In what is the first recorded account of North Korea allowing foreign filmmakers unprecedented access to any sports club, this pseudo-vérité film reveals individuals from a regime that is not conducive to individuality. Despite this, even when they lose and it seems as if the world is against them, these players are determined to seek for themselves that which we all seek — self-worth.

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