Married to a Murderer

1 Season
True Crime
Season 1
2010 / 2 eps x 60 mins
Watch Screener
Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: True Crime
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: Crime & Investigation Network

A shocking documentary series based on extraordinary access to the spouses of Britain’s most notorious killers. Each episode tells the story of a marriage and a murder, or series of murders, and the parallel tale of a criminal investigation. These are stories about the creeping suspicions, the tell-tale signs. It’s about the transformation from an apparently normal, loving boyfriend or husband, to something menacing, calculating, erratic, frightening, violent and deadly.

For some, their husband went out one day, killed and came home to them as if nothing had happened. For others, the perfect marriage to their childhood sweetheart descended into a nightmare of brutal abuse.

These astonishing stories are told by the women in their own words; and the twists and turns of the painstaking police investigations are recounted by a supporting cast of senior detectives.

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