Charlie Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies

Short Films
Scripted Series / Comedy
Short Films
2018 / 12 eps x 30 mins
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Production Company: Artists in Motion
Genre: Scripted Series, Comedy
Languages: English

These 12 short films known and the 'Mutual Comedies' were made by Chaplin more than 100 years ago when he signed a deal with the Mutual Film Corporation in 1916. Mutual gave Chaplin a then stinking $650,000 and total creative control in return for creating 12 short films for them within the space of a year. The Mutual Comedies are reputed to be amongst Chaplin's finest work and they cemented Chaplin's status as a world-renowned celeb (by 1920, Chaplin was the best known person on the planet). Chaplin himself said that making these particular flicks was the happiest and most artistically gratifying period in his film-making career. These timeless cinematic classics have been reversion and rescored with fresh new vintage music that restores their giddy-up and joie-de-vivre.

The Films:

The Vagabond (24:50; 1916)

The Adventurer (23:06; 1917)

The Pawnshop (24:41; 1916)

The Cure (23:21; 1917)

The Immigrant (23:35; 1917)

Easy Street (23:10; 1917)

The Floorwalker (23:54; 1916)

The Count (23:53; 1916)

One A.M. (26:01; 1916)

The Rink (22:53; 1916)

The Fireman (24:10; 1916)

Behind The Screen (22:42; 1916)

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