Combat Dealers

5 Seasons
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Season 1
2014 / 6 eps x 60 mins
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Season 2
2015 / 8 eps x 60 mins
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Season 3
2017 / 10 eps x 60 mins
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Season 4
2018 / 10 eps x 60 mins
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Season 5
2020 / 6 eps x 60 mins
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Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: History
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: Quest, RMC Découverte
Series Trailer

Combat Dealers follows the adventures of Bruce Crompton, a buyer and seller of old military kit. He travels around the barns and battlefields of Europe and the old Eastern Bloc, hunting down everything from old radio kits to WWII tanks. There is nothing Bruce won't do to get the right kit at the right price, and to make a tidy profit. Across the series Bruce and his team turn rusty military metal into historical and financial gold.

Bruce is a history nut and a self-made millionaire who has amassed a sprawling hoard of tanks, armoured vehicles and other militaria. His team are the best in the business. Ex-para Ian is his history and weapons expert; Hus is his number two and keeps a close eye on the money; then there's his mechanics, twins Nick and Phil - there's nothing they can't fix.

Combat Dealers is loud, warm and full of fascinating military history, wheeling and dealing, engineering fixes and explosive stunts.

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