Robert Llewellyn’s How Do They Do It?

3 Seasons
Season 1
2006 / 10 eps x 60 mins
Watch Screener
Season 2
2006 / 10 eps x 60 mins
Season 3
2007 / 10 eps x 60 mins
Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: Science
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: Discovery Networks, Channel 5

Comedian Robert Llewellyn (Kryten in “Red Dwarf”, “Scrapheap Challenge”, “Hollywood Science”) reveals the amazing secrets behind some of the everyday things we take for granted. – cell phones, sunglasses, concrete, pencils, railway tracks, trainers, light bulbs, newspapers, money, tires… even water. But apparently simple things are often the products of the most extraordinary, highly sophisticated engineering and production processes.

As the modern world becomes progressively automated and mechanised, we grow further removed from the way things are made and how things are done - from the miraculous feats of engineering and logistics which underpin life in the 21st Century.

As we reveal in HOW DO THEY DO IT? our comfortable modern way of life relies on the problem-solving genius of engineers and the vision of industrial designers who are constantly striving to make things better.

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