Secrets of the Magna Carta

2017 / 2 eps x 60 mins
Watch Screener
Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: History
Languages: English

Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey) narrates this epic history of freedom. This award-winning series, Secrets of the Magna Carta, tells the story of the legendary document, that dates from the time of Robin Hood. It is the most highly valued piece of paper in the world, and has changed the course of history. Magna Carta is a standard against which we can judge how free we are. So how do we measure up today? These films give us reasons to celebrate, but also to be fearful.

Filmed in the UK and US, Secrets of the Magna Carta features world experts on history, law, and economics including Rt Hon Lord Judge, Dr. Walter Williams, and Daniel Hannan MEP.

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