True Evil: The Making of a Nazi

1 Season
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Season 1
2018 / 6 eps x 60 mins
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Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: History
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: Yesterday
Series Trailer

This ground breaking series sets out to answer one of the most important questions in history. How did the Nazis end up doing what they did? How did it happen that educated, civilised people were transformed into twisted Nazi monsters? The Nazis cannot be dismissed as mindless thugs. They enjoyed huge support among German academics, students, civil servants and teachers. Their leaders were highly educated, articulate and, on a personal level, polite and charming. They were scientists and doctors and writers. But they will commit acts of unimaginable cruelty, for which they will feel no shame or remorse. Here... is true evil. This shocking and revealing series examines six leading Nazis.

Episodes: Goebbels, Von Braun, Himmler, Speer, Eichmann, Goering.

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