Twisted History

1 Season
Season 1
2013 / 4 eps x 60 mins
Watch Screener
Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: History
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: American Heroes Channel

It's a mind-bending mash-up of all the best bits of history. How could a chance meeting between Abraham Lincoln and an obscure German count result in a man landing on the moon? When the KKK declare war on the Mafia, how could that possibly end up creating jazz music and sending JFK to the White House? How could the creator of James Bond affect Ronald Reagan's weird career trajectory from B-movie actor to anti-communist crusader? And how could UFO sightings connect to the creation of the modern computer?

This is not the stuff they teach you at school, but weirdly it is all true. This is history served with a twist.

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