War Factories

3 Seasons
History / Engineering
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Season 1
2019 / 8 eps x 60 mins
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Season 2
2020 / 8 eps x 60 mins
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Season 3
2022 / 6 eps x 60 mins
Production Company: Wag Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: History, Engineering
Languages: English
Primary Broadcaster: Yesterday
Series Trailer

*** Season 3 – Delivering Q2 2022 ***

This is the story of war production – of how Allied industry won the war by massively out-producing the Axis powers. Forget the big-name generals and battle tactics. This was a war of the factories.

Giant firms like General Motors and Ford mass-produced tanks, planes and guns, while firms like Peugeot, in occupied Europe, were sabotaging their own factory-lines to undermine the Nazis. The series will also explore how German compa­nies were crippled by Nazi State planning. This series will change the way you think about World War Two, and much else besides. For it also helps explains why post-war history turned out as it did.

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