How Do They Do It?

Discovery Channel / Science Channel

How Do They Do It? is one of the world's best-known and highest-rating pop-science/engineering shows. 

Each series lifts the lid on the modern world and tells you how it works – from space rockets and nuclear subs to light bulbs and razors. How Do They Do It? has an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic following.  Viewers love it so much because How Do They Do It? is simply brilliant. Each episode features three stories, filmed in multiple locations around the world, which reveals the hidden story behind another slice of 21st Century life – from how a coal-power-plant works and how to make a $20 million astronaut suit, to how they grow vanilla and design a roller-coaster.  This series takes viewers to every corner of the globe to reveal the extraordinary stories behind some of the most amazing, and some of the most ordinary objects in our lives.

If you’re wondering what makes How Do They Do It? such a hugely successful show, the answer is simple. These are exceptionally well-crafted programmes, crammed with incredible facts, made by brilliant program-makers who believe that nothing is more fascinating than our man-made modern world.

‘Definitely one for the lads. Being a boy, I find it fascinating.' - The Guardian

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