Gavin Stamp's Orient Express


5 x 45 mins

In this much-loved, high-rating travel series, Gavin Stamp retraces the route of the old Orient Express, from London, via Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, to Istanbul, in search of the treasures of ‘Old Europe'.  Stamp's adventures on and off the train are punctuated by his candid, entertaining reflections on life, the world, and the strange and wonderful people he meets.

'Compulsive viewing.' - Simon Hoggart, The Spectator

'Quirky and inspired.  Stamp really does know what he's talking about and he doesn't care what you think of him.' - AA Gill, Sunday Times

'A rattling good series.' - Daily Mirror 

'Fussy, tetchy, crabby, rude, impossible to please.  Stamp is the perfect guide.' - Daily Express

'An enticing, illuminating ride.' - Daily Mail 


Gavin Stamp's Orient Express

A preview of Gavin Stamp's Orient Express

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