Brian Sewell's Grand Tour


10 x 60 mins

In this acclaimed 10 part series, the inimitable Brian Sewell retraces the route of the 'Grand Tour' - the histroic journey through Italy. This is a trael show like none other. Sewell makes his way, by various means, through Rome, Venice, Naples and beyond. It's trip packed with emotion, humor and a bit of history.

'Splendidly eccentric and thoroughly endearing.' - Daily Mail

'Sewell, once again, has managed to be totally unlike anybody else on television.' - Daily Telegraph

'Sewell is in danger of becoming a national treasure. It is his unpredicitability that makes him such an arresting presenter.' - The Times


Grand Tour - Episode 3

Grand Tour - Episode 1

Grand Tour - Episode 1

Brian Sewell's Grand Tour

A preview of Brian Sewell's Grand Tour

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