Pitcairn: Trouble In Paradise

Channel Four

1 x 60 mins

Pitcairn - a little slice of paradise.  The tiny island settled by Fletcher Christian and the other mutineers from HMS Bounty.

But in 2004 the British Pacific colony of Pitcairn - population 47 - won a notoriety that eclipsed its romantic past.  A five year police investigation revealed a long history of shocking child sex abuse.  The island was at the centre of world press attention - except that it's almost impossible to get there (the rocky island has no run-way, no roads no cars, no TV).  The trial of the accused men - held in the village hall - divided opinion.  How can the standards of normal life be applied to such a bizarre, remote community?  But then again why should the daughters of the islanders not be protected?  This remarkable film is a one-off.  No other TV crew or journalists were allowed on the island.  The twist is extraordinary.  The men are jailed in a prison they must themselves build.

'A documentary gem.' - The Observer

'This intelligently balanced film leaves interpretation open without providing pat conclusions.' - Daily Mail

'A fascinating insight into a closed, remote society.' - The Daily Telegpraph 

Pitcairn: Trouble In Paradise

A preview of Pitcairn: Trouble In Paradise

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