Superfreaks of Nature

Discovery Channel

Super Freaks of Nature is unlike any wildlife programme you’ve ever seen before, following the world’s leading scientists as they discover the amazing abilities of the world’s most remarkable animals. In Trinidad Mike Rutherford searches the ruins of an old leper hospital for giant centipedes. He believes these incredible insects, which prey on tarantulas, are not just instinctive killers, they’re capable of planning and pre-meditated action. In Oxford Beth Mortimer patiently “milks” spiders of their silk, spinning threads that are stronger than steel, tougher than Kevlar. And in Alabama Professor Stephen Secor creates strange rat/pig hybrids to study how snakes can swallow prey larger than themselves. This show reveals that animals possess abilities beyond our wildest imaginations.

Superfreaks of Nature: Rat Pig

A preview of Superfreaks of Nature

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