World's Weirdest

National Geographic Channel

World's Weirdest Farms 

World's Weirdest Farms goes behind closed barn doors to reveal the most bizarre farms, farming methods and farmers on the planet. From breeding edible insects to milking spiders, from the unusual to the down-right dangerous, this programme shows you a side to farming that you never knew existed. 

World's Weirdest Extremeties 

Inflatable eyes, a nose that sees and even a see-through head, World's Weirdest Extremeties showcases some of the strangest, most shocking animal appendages on the planet. From sex-crazed slugs, to Kung Fu crustaceans, blood-firing lizards to zombie snails, we journey from the ocean depths to deserts and tropical rainforest to reveal that for some creatures the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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