NASA's Unexplained Files

Science Channel, US

Season 1 - 6 x 60 mins

Season 2 - 8 x 60 mins

Season 3 - 8 x 60 mins

Season 4 - 16 x 60 mins

Since the dawn of civilisation we have been fascinated by the prospect of alien life. Many of us believe that we are not alone. But what is the truth behind the strange observations caught on camera during more than 50 years of NASA's epic journey into space?


Using first hand testimony from the astronauts who were there, coupled with real mission footage from NASA's own archives, this series delves behind the mysteries of NASA's most controversial missions to reveal the real-life twilight zone stories of mankind's first hesitant steps into the cosmos. Breath-taking images and CGI bring  to life the voyages that have explored our solar system and the unexplained sightings that have dogged many of NASA's most famous missions.

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