Devonport: Inside The Royal Navy

Quest, Discovery Networks

6 x 60 mins

‘Devonport: Inside The Royal Navy’ is an exclusive access, character led observational documentary series about the men and women who work in Her Majesty’s Naval Base Devonport, the biggest naval base in Western Europe.  This is the home port of the ‘Devonport Flotilla’, 20 of the Royal Navy’s biggest and most deadly warships and nuclear submarines.  10 thousand people work here, and these are some of their stories.  Within this strange and fascinating world, where the requirements of a modern, cutting edge Navy blend with age-old tradition and ceremony, we meet a host of engaging characters and everyday people doing extra-ordinary things. Against the constant backdrop to get warships and submarines in and out of port, for these people – Devonpoprt’s engineers, ships crews, armory boys, marines, MoD Police, riggers, wharfmaster, officers and lower rates - there are countless problems to overcome and tasks to carry out.  We see their ups and downs; we laugh and we cry; there’s action, excitement, humour and warmth; But above all we get to witness first-hand the amazing sacrifices they make for their country.

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