World War Weird

Yesterday, UKTV

Season 1 - 6 x 60 mins

Season 2 - 8 x 60 mins

Season 3 - 8 x 60 mins

From Nazi flying saucers and ‘vampire squadrons’ to zombie spies, monsters from the deep and armies of intelligent killer apes, this is war at its weirdest. Here are the bizarre stories you won’t find in any other history show. Did you know the British recruited magicians to fight the Germans? Or that Hitler’s top spies were Nazi-hating double-agents? If you think you know about the two world wars, think again. Each episode features film archive, expert interviews and the most incredible stories about WW1 and 2… incredible but true. This show is shocking and entertaining, but there’s also genuinely ground-breaking, emotional, insightful history.

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