Space Dealers

Season 1 - 6 x 60 mins

The Space Race is back on. Space Dealers Larry McGlynn, Torie Lazaros and Cole Sommers travel the length and breadth of the United States to compete for, track down, buy and flip the rarest and most fascinating items ever to have left, and then returned to planet Earth.

For the right price, America’s leading space dealers will sell you anything and everything that the men and women with the right stuff have used on their brave adventures in space.

But it will cost. As you might imagine, prices are, quite literally, astronomical.

Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 personal preference kit bag that carried his Holy Communion wafer and cup to the moon is worth a cool six figures and even an old chunk of space soup, flown to the moon and back on Apollo 14 will set you back $40,000.  

But if it is big money that makes the business tick, it is Apollo, Shuttle and International Space Station astronauts who are at its heart. They are the dealers’ eyes and ears, they can verify items flown and they can describe precisely how they were used.

But when Larry, Torie and Cole meet their space heroes they are much more than sounding boards. They are only too happy to tell first-hand stories of their sometimes life and death experiences in space.

Incredible stories from space, handling the rarest things to have left planet Earth and selling them for a fortune. All in a day’s work for the Space Dealers.

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