Out of Stock: Supply Chain Crisis


3 x 60 mins

We're used to having what we want, when we want it. But the pandemic changed everything. The global lockdown in 2020 created the devstating problems we're experiencing today: empty shelves and panic buying, queues at gas stations, docs jammed with containers, price spikes and inflation. The reason? The global supply chain is broken. The invisible and complex passage of goods from one side of the world to another has suddenly been exposed, and for the first time people are confronted with where their food, fuel and goods come from.

In this timely three part series, we how reveal the fragile trade links that connect us; how fish caught in American are shipped to Vietnam to be processed...before being shipped back to the US to be sold. How twenty percent of all oil passes through one narrow sea channel in Iraq; how 90% of the world's shoes are made in China; and how a shortage of truck drivers could see the world go hungry. This is the story of the crisis in the global supply chain with contributors and opinions from a wide range of experts. Each of the three episodes focuses on one theme: FOOD, FUEL and GOODS. 


As we will reveal, the chain is broken...but can it be fixed?

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