Face of Britain

Channel Four

3 x 60 mins

This landmark science/history series reveals the findings of the biggest ever survey of the genetic make-up of the British people. It is a genetic Domesday Book - a DNA map of Britain -- telling us exactly who our ancestors were, where they came from and what they looked like.As Face of Britain reveals, encoded in our DNA is a story stretching back countless generations. The genes of our ancestors are alive within us today - they are a living link with our remote past. They determine who we are and how we look. As Face of Britain discovers, written in our faces is the secret of our ancient ancestry. Look in the mirror and it's thousands of years of history that looks back at you.

'A fascinating series.' - Mail on Sunday

'Face of Britain transmits the unmistakable excitement historians feel when the elusive past suddenly takes on tangible form. And all it takes for viewers to share that enthusiasm is a quick look in the mirror for a glimpse back in time.' - Sunday Times


Face of Britain

A preview of Face of Britain

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